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Order a Prototype

Your Packaging Source offers Registered Distributors free Unprinted Gloss Film Laminated Prototypes of many products to help you sell.  Here’s how:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Navigate to the page of the product for which you want an unprinted gloss film laminated prototype
    1. Note that we do not offer free prototypes of products of the following: Binders; Turned Edge Rigid Boxes w/ Casings; Double-Thick Paperboard Sales Boxes; POP Display Easels; Dimension USB Packaging; Dimensional Promotional Packaging.
    2. Some of our products print on one stock if Digital, and a different stock if Offset.  All unprinted prototypes are made with the stock that the product would utilize if printed Offset.
  3. Under the ‘Choose Options’ section, do the following:
    1. PROOFING & PRINTING options – ignore all, do not make any selections
    2. FINISHING options – all unprinted prototypes are gloss film laminated so do not make a coating selection. Select other FINISHING options as required.
    3. PACKING & OVERS / UNDERS options – ignore all, do not make any selections
    4. MULTI-SHIP options – use if shipping to 2 or more destinations is required
  4. Add the MINIMUM allowed quantity of the product you want to your Cart.  In many cases this will be 25; however, we will actually be making you 2 samples not 25 or other minimum stated quantity.  Please note that we limit prototype sample requests to 2 of any particular product.
  5. View Cart: click the red Cart button at top of page to view cart.  There is a field to ‘Apply Coupon’ – enter the promo code PROTOTYPE to apply a 100% discount
  6. Proceed to Checkout – your prototype(s) are free; you pay for shipping. 
    1. Shipping – it is best for us to use your Shipper # (FedEx or UPS)  
    2. Purchase Order payment option cannot be used for prototypes – if you select this we will not be able to process your request
  7. Most prototypes are fulfilled and shipped within 3-4 business days.
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